Video and Newsletter Incoming

Hey Folks! Getting ready to upload a new video, as well as send out a newsletter to recap the work since launch. There's been a flurry of work in the past month, and it can sometimes help to see it all in once place. I had hoped to be ready with it today, but it's taking a bit longer to cut. Hopefully tomorrow!

In other news, I started testing the new 3x3 red reactor with actual crew. It took a bit of tweaking to get them to reach it, since the old interaction assumed a smaller reactor. (AI couldn't pathfind to its "use" point, as it was inside the new reactor.)

I did a few more updates to the reactor UI's initialization code, so it remembers ignition status, recharging knob state, and to reset the reaction chamber's stats when it shuts down. (These are still not hooked up to in-game objects, but if they get stuck with bad values, the reactor won't start again.)

I made some changes to the power system code so that any device will trigger it's "on" modeswitch when it receives enough power, or it's "off" modeswitch otherwise. In the past, this was exclusively used to switch from "off" to "on" and vice versa. However, the reactor is one of the first items that can be "on," but still have additional "on" states to escalate into. (Ignition, in this case.) So now, any object state can step up or down to the next state based on how much power it gets.

Finally, there was a minor bug that caused the reactor battery UI to show itself as a battery, since it was technically a source of power and connected to itself. Fixed now.

I had an update/status chat with Michael, and he's getting started on his next big task: a job system for AIs. Up until now, players assigned tasks directly to AIs by selecting them, then the thing to work on. However, with larger crews, it makes sense to assign a job to some pool, and let AIs decide who should do it.

So he's getting started on moving the direct task stuff into a more indirect task system.

He also converted the generic yellow food packets to finally use his [Trenchers brand, with three flavors to choose from! I look forward to getting more of his in-game brands implemented for local color.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a good day!

Tags: Ostranauts