v1.3.0 Testing Thread

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v1.3.0 Testing Thread

Hey Folks! If you're testing the new v1.3.0 build, feel free to post your feedback and bugs here. Known issues so far include:

  • Crashes when launching on some Win7 64-bit machines.
  • Runs once, but crashes subsequently on Win7 64-bit machine. Emptying save folder allows it to run again.
  • Game becomes sluggish and crashes after playing a while. (During crafting?)
  • Autosave not saving game? (Noticed during crafting crash.)
  • Noticeable hitch when loading music.
  • Can still see data files in unpowered items with not enough charges. Turning them on, the data becomes invisible (black) properly.
  • Drop-swapping clothes causes cursor offset.

I'll update this thread as the situation develops.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games