Use for the bodies of the water ?.

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Use for the bodies of the water ?.


I love the game so far and I've found very few things that bug me as of this point in time, however I get annoyed at the bodies of water to the right of the map. In my current play through it's been my goal to explore the entire map and find all the encounters, but anyway I was just thinking that perhaps there could be a use for the bodies of water like having little rafts the player can make to sail to tiny islands in the middle of nowhere. I think that could also be a nice place to have a special encounter like an old hermit or a cargo ship thats been turned into an enclave or something unique to the water. For the most part I'm just annoyed that I can't explore deeper in that area, my curiosity has been thoroughly peeked and I just wonder whats beyond the water. Anyway thanks for reading, if anyone has suggestions feel free to tell me, constructive criticism is always welcome.


Hello there!

The main reason for the area chosen in NEO Scavenger was to naturally block off certain areas, to push players in one direction of exploration, and lead to the end of the game (which I won't mention, in case you haven't gotten to that part yet!)

We aren't currently working on adding new content to NEO Scavenger, as we're developing a game called Ostranauts which is set in the same universe. In the future, we're planning to work on a sequel to NEO Scavenger, but that won't be for a while.

Thank you for your feedback! Maybe modders will pick up on this suggestion!

- Charis