Uninstalling Equipment

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Typical autumn yard work and prepping the house for cold weather here. Which always puts me in the mood for virtual snow and fantasy games, so I fired-up Skyrim yesterday. Every time I play it I wish the mechanics were pushed a bit harder, with bigger game effects. Maybe some day when I have billions to invest in my own version :)

Back in reality, I started on the ability to uninstall equipment on ships. And my first test is the conduit junction.

In theory, I've laid a lot of the necessary groundwork already for this when I setup hull patching. The ability to require an item to complete a task, and fetch it if needed is already done. And the mode-switching interactions are there, too.

I did, however, have to add a new interaction feature: using items. This extends the existing "give/take/add/remove" item effects, and just requires that we have it in our inventory. If not, we'll attempt to find one on the ship, and then do the action.

After a bit of fumbling, I managed to get the screenshot you see today. Desmond was told to uninstall the junction box just below the footprint icon. He needed a drill to do it, so he fetched that and returned, which replaced it with a "loose" version (as opposed to the "installed" version). As a result, all downstream powered items shut off since we broke the connection.

Next up, I should make sure the reverse is possible. I already setup a "relocate" action to reinstall items elsewhere, so this should hopefully work with that. Once that's done, I'll expand the available items to include other conduit pieces, walls, floors, and anything else that makes sense. That should expand our ability to repair ships, loot them, and customize them.

We're getting there!

Tags: Ostranauts