Uninstall Craaaazy!

Hey Folks! Good to be back. Yesterday's "Explode Seattle" festival was, as usual, dazzling. And in an unexpected twist, we just putzed around the house all day relaxing. It was GLORIOUS.

Back at the office, it was time for some fun work: automated content creation! I know, I know. Doesn't sound like "normal person" fun. But hey, normal people don't make hardcore space games voluntarily :)

Anyway, I finished my automated installer content creator, and started plugging data into it. And what you see in today's screenshot is just a sample of what that enabled. We've got RTA canisters and a whole nav station uninstalled, boxed, and sitting in the launch area. Amy Chung standing there, admiring her work.

There were, of course, a few glitches to sort out along the way. Mainly in the form of animations misfiring and getting stuck, which turned out to be a typo in my code. But once that was sorted out, I had the nav station working, and I was off to replace the other existing install/uninstall components: walls, conduits, conduit junctions, and yesterday's floors. Now they are all using the automated system, instead of hand-coded data. (Which, incidentally, helped me discover and fix a bug in the data!)

Once that was done, I started adding more new content. I started with loose versions for the three canister types, since those are often some of the more valuable items one might want from a ship (they can contain precious life support gases). And bingo bango, now I can direct crew around to uninstall, carry, and reinstall those at will. Not bad!

So far, this means we can uninstall, carry, and reinstall:

  • floors
  • walls
  • conduits
  • conduit junctions
  • nav stations
  • generic RTAs (canisters)
  • N2 RTAs
  • O2 RTAs

Plus the usual tools and items, like food, drills, laser torches, hull patches, and outfits.

I'll likely try to finish the rest of the ship components next, so we can essentially gut a derelict of all useful stuff and take it aboard. Should be a pretty exciting new plateau for gameplay!

For now, however, the week is over. Time to grab a beer, and resume my lounging around :) See you all Monday!

Tags: Ostranauts