Hey Folks! Making headway on the character clothes and appearance today.

As you can see in the screenshot, we now have underwear! And skin tone/hair color now matches face appearance, including when reloaded from a save file. So now the character's top-down appearance has some semblance of permanence. Which is a big step towards following what your crew is doing, since you can now tell them apart and they don't change every load :)

This basically replaces the old code which randomly assigned clothing each time the game was loaded. So a lot of this was already working, and I just needed the new skin-tone sprites with underwear, and some bits of code to synch the face and "nude" body parts.

The next step is the clothing that appears atop this layer. And for that, I have a special mesh for each body part that wraps around the nude layer, to cover it from all sides. It's still a basic rectangle like all other game items, except it's middle was pulled out a bit so it always appears "over" the skin on both sides. (Imagine a really squashed dodecahedron.)

On the code side, I'm going to need some way to tell the mesh which image to use on each body part. And for that, I think I'm going to have individual items list the body part sprites they change. E.g. pants will change upper and lower legs on both sides, a shoe will change the appropriate foot, etc.

More than that, however, we need to ensure a person cannot wear pants when they are already wearing pants. (Or if they can layer, control how many layers we support.) And for that, I think I'm going to borrow the NEO Scavenger architecture. A slot has 1 or more things that can go in it, and items have defined settings for which slots they go in.

Similarly, an item in a certain slot is going to give the owner certain benefits/drawbacks. So combining an item with a slot means we add those traits, and they get removed again when the item is removed.

So far, I have a "Slots" entity which is going to be added to anything that has slots in the game, and it'll have a list of 1 or more "Slot" classes defined. Somewhere in an item's data, I'll need to define some slot info, so that'll be where I pick up tomorrow!

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Great, now all I can think about is wearing a squashed 12 sided die as a pair of pants.

Actually, that brings up a good question. Who makes all the clothes in this universe? Probably some mega-corporation around Europa or something. I bet all the clothes are made out of recycled polymers. So yeah, squashed 12 sided die isn't too far off. I really doubt that the crew finds their clothes comfortable. Maybe that's why tensions are so high aboard the ship. It's not because everyone is tired, or because the food dispenser started launching last nights dinner at everyone who stepped foot in the kitchen. No, it's because everyone is wearing recycled pants made out of plastic, and whatever fibrous plant matter that can be grown.
I'm gonna take another guess and say that a big luxury good in space is real fur, or real cotton. Never thought I'd say this, but we're shipping 3 ton cargo containers of khakis to Ganymede. For the record, that's just a bit larger than the average 20-foot cargo container, which top out at about 2.39 tons.
And now I can't stop thinking about all the weird stuff that seems normal today on Earth will be considered the pinnacle of luxury in the game. Imagine milk. Don't think that much about it now, right? Well if you want milk in space, you need space cattle ranchers. CATTLE IN SPACE. I mean, unless it's vat grown milk. Or soy. It's honestly probably soy, but I like the idea of space cattle.

Anyway, that's all. Thanks for reading, hope I gave some... insight? No, probably not insight.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

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It turns out I misspoke. It's a squashed octahedron, not dodecahedron. Oops!

Re: goods common on Earth, I wondered about a lot of these questions, too. I think we're going to still have many of those things available in space, but as you point out, some are going to be luxuries.

So for example, I suspect hydro- and aeroponics are going to mean we still have natural fibers. We might be able to grow cotton or bamboo in places like the Venusian aerostats, where sunlight and gravity are comparable to Earth's.

Similarly, stations like Hangzhou artificially produce Earth-like environments, but are typically only for the ultra rich.

On the other hand, low-g might not be much of a barrier to production of plants, or even animals. Particularly since energy is abundant, with fusion being widely available.

Water's hard to come by in some places (Luna, Ceres), but might be abundant in others (Mars's poles, Europa, Enceladus, gas giant ring systems).

One thing is clear, there's going to be a lot of shipping involved in getting all the pieces together :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Will they all have the same broad shoulders?

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Mobile port when! Eheh.

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

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Probably everyone will have the same sprites to start with. I.e. broad shoulders, giant feet :)

Theoretically, it could be expanded such that body types vary with face type (as the heads do now). I don't know far down that rabbit hole I'll go yet, though.

As for the mobile port, not for a long time :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games