Unable to return to ship

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Unable to return to ship

After docking on OKLG, i was unable to return to my ship. It would seem the floor of the airlock has disapeared as the atmosphere is also being sucked out from the airlock.

Sorry for the airlock glitch! I've been hearing reports of similar issues recently, and I'm trying to narrow down the cause.

Did you save/reload after docking with OKLG and before returning to your ship? (Or at all in the time around docking?)

Does uninstalling and reinstalling a floor/wall panel anywhere fix either the air leak or pathfinding?

Do you get any feedback in the message logs when you attempt to return to your ship? Is it complaining about permissions?

And are there any other strange behaviors or glitches you saw leading up to the error?

Hopefully, we can track down the cause of this bug, and prevent it from happening in future builds!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


Is it a tile on the floor that has vanished or the entire floor? Do you think this is a bug or have you accidentally scraped a tile?