Unable to build Gauss Rifle

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Unable to build Gauss Rifle

So I've taken down several drones, got their parts, built the battery with the electrician skill(I also have mechanic skill), have a rifle, multitool, and small parts but I still can't build the Gauss Rifle, I even got the recipe but still can't build it. Also I'm on mobile that may be problem.

Just made an imgur account because I have .2% experience in coding

The wiki page

Hey Jin,

It's possible there's a bug in mobile, though I haven't heard of that case yet. Probably the first thing to check, though, is the ingredients you're using to make sure everything is there.

Was that imgur URL supposed to go to a NEO Scavenger screenshot? If so, it might've gotten mixed-up with another post, as it seems like an image from another game.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Just added in a link that works

Hm. Looks like everything is there. Does it work at all if you strip the rifle of scope and strap? I'm wondering if it might be a bug that sees the bare rifle as valid, but the kitted-out one as not.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games