UI and Docking Bugs

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UI and Docking Bugs

Firstly thank you for making this! It really scratches an itch I got from Still There and Objects in Space. I've experienced the following bugs so far. Everything is using the latest build.

- Similar to other users when exiting a save to start a new save I get stuck in the first area unable to select anything, no cursor appears at all. At the bottom of the screen next to the character portrait are ~8 'Label 99' notices. Restarting the game fixes this.

- I've had a few instances where I become able to 'click through' the inventory UI. Selecting a inventory item will send the character to the corresponding location on the map. Both for left clicking and right clicking. I haven't been able to reliably recreate it but I seem to get it the most when placing a number of floor tiles.

- When un-docking I have to go through the docking access process steps to get the green light to un-dock. This happens every time I go away from the nav computer once docked. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be this way but it's a little confusing.

- While I haven't experienced a crash I do get significant slowdown when docking and starting the reactors during longer sessions.

Hope this helps!

Just had a fun one. I *believe* another ship crashed into my salvage pod while I was docked at K-Leg? Just as I was about to un-dock. Completely destroyed everything!

I have also had this happen when docked at a derelict ship. hear the proximity warning go off...THUD...and then suffocation in the vacuum of space.

When getting the 9999 error, then saving the game, then trying to quit, the quit function does not work. have to force quit the whole application to close.

Thanks for the heads-up! The "Label 99" and AI crashing into stations should be fixed as of, but let me know if not.

And we'll be working on making the UI smoother for a while, I'm sure. So thanks for the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games