Ubiq Mobile


Ubiq Mobile is a telecommunications company and Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) which provides internet services for colonies and corporate territories across the Inner System. Its core product is the ‘grid’, the manufacture and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of dedicated network nodes which form the backbone of a network topology. Because of their mass produced regularity, Ubiq refers to its nodes as the ‘Joe Chip’.

  • Service: WISP
  • Origin: Mars

Role in communications

Ubiq Mobile, and large WISPs generally, sit beside and above the base layer of point to point communications and ad-hoc mesh networks, and below the regional or interplanetary services like Olympus Networks. Compared with the first mesh networks of the colonisation rush and early settlements, Ubiq is both liable and reliable, offering contractual guarantees for both security and coverage to network customers.

Following the Tianbian pact, Ubiq refrains from building a competing satellite network across Mars and the Belt, and is forbidden from operating in the Tharsis trunk.


Nodes in the grid are processors with a radio transceiver, photovoltaic cell, and battery. The nodes are small, durable, and low mass. When Ubiq detects network congestion, failure, or sees the potential of increased traffic, thousands of nodes are airdropped to carpet the area, either to repopulate or oversaturate the mesh network. In environments where redundancy is key, like spacecraft or mom and pop stations, Ubiq lay cable to supplement the grid.


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