Tripura Supreme Blend


Tripura is an Indian manufacturer and distributer of tea that has been in continuous operation for over two hundred years.

  • Product: Tea
  • Manufacturer: Tripura Tea Incorporated
  • Country of origin: Old India
  • Variants: Tripura Breakfast Tea, Tripura Ceremonial Tea, Tripura Cleansing Blend
  • Produced in: Old India, Xinhua, Mars
  • Ticker symbol: TRIP


Tripura was established by the British Raj before the First Opium War. Afraid of losing access to China’s tea supply, the British began growing tea in India, attempting to break the Qing dynasty’s monopoly. When the outcome of the First Opium War proved favourable for Britain, many tea growers including those in the isolated state of Tripura were all-but forgotten. In the 20th century the ownership of Tripura Tea passed to an Indian family for the first time in its history.

Border tension with Bangladesh in the 2030s convinced Tripura’s Board of Directors of the need to relocate operations outside India. In partnership with ISRO, India’s space agency, Tripura bought a stake in the Mangalyaan 7 voyage to Mars. They were allocated 100kg of the voyage’s payload which Tripura used to send seed stock and scientific equipment. The expedition’s botanists confirmed that with minor alteration tea leaves would grow in Mars’ soil.


All Tripura packaging is rendered with the goddess Tripura Sundari in metallic leaf against Sri Nagara, the city of the mother’s residence, painted in the Kalamkari style. Viewed through an augmented reality lens, the 2D renderings become windows into deep, evolving landscapes which change with each viewing, created by the artist known as Macchar. According to the artist, one may stroll endlessly through the streets of Sri Nagara, toward but without ever quite reaching the city centre, where the mother dwells.


Brewed with 100% natural ingredients and love, our teas bring you to a higher plane of CONSCIOUSNESS and WELL-BEING with every cup :) Each hand-picked tea blossom is the result of hours of CARE and ATTENTION by our venerable growers :) So you know that when you buy from TRIPURA you are buying PEACE OF MIND

TRIPURA: There are THREE CITIES of God’s creation. The PHYSICAL, the ASTRAL, and the CAUSAL. SUNDARI: BEAUTY without parallel. TRIPURA SUNDARI is the GREAT COSMIC WISDOM who manifests the fundamental aspects of DIVINITY. She is with you while you WAKE, when you DREAM, when you SLEEP WITHOUT DREAMING. Whether you drink Tripura for a PURE MIND or PEACEFUL SLEEP, you enter a COMMUNE with the SUPREME BEAUTY OF PURE PERCEPTION

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