Trenchers are a trademarked brand of pre-packaged meals designed for long haul. They require no preparation, cleanup, and are designed to be usable under thrust or in microgravity. Taking after their namesake, most of the packaging is edible, although eating it is considered taboo among space workers.

  • Type: Long life food product
  • Manufacturer: Future Foods Company
  • Country of origin: Old United States
  • Ticker symbol: FUFO


Trenchers began as a skunkworks project to deliver maximum nutritional value inside a specific volume and mass, intended for long haul operations. The result was an MRE packet which was itself edible, made of a proprietary digestible fibre. After months of product research, the fibre was dyed white and dubbed StyrofauxmTM.

Trenchers were the subject of media attention during the recovery of an arm of the Nautilus Station lost in the L3 disaster. Synchronisation engineer Radhu Laghari-Paul survived nearly six months trapped inside the arm surviving off Trenchers and grey water. Future Foods exploited a trend where media updates of Laghari-Paul’s status coincided with spikes in demand for Trenchers System-wide.


Astronauts living with thin profit margins and unreliable conditions during the colonisation rush caused a race to the bottom for food staples, which led to the creation of Trenchers. Recognising both the utility and unappealing nature of Trenchers, Future Foods embraced an anti-marketing strategy, portraying their product as a life-saving necessity to be endured rather than enjoyed. A survey conducted by Future Foods revealed that 71% of consumers appreciated honesty in Trenchers’ marketing, and that 43% of consumers who bought Trenchers would buy Trenchers again.

A legal dispute over stock prices led to an article in The System Analyst Finance section comically titled “Future Foods’ futures feud”. The title received over eight thousand complaints.


Hungry enough to eat the table?
Almost too easy.
You can’t say you aren’t full.
"100% edible."


Kung Pao Chicken and Sticky Rice
Chipotle Pork with Cheese Spread
Mystery Meat in Random Sauce
Nacho Fiesta
Pizza Pouch
Sweet Potato Cake and Garden Salad