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Transit kiosk

Found something else not game-breaking but a bit annoying.

After using the transit kiosk the game does not register any mouse clicks.

The only way to get anything done is to pause the game issue a move order unpause character moves pause issue another order unpause character moves rinse repeat.

This I think is something new after the last patch ( because it never did this on previous patches. for me anyway.

Note. there is a workaround for this.. Save game load play till you use the transit kiosk again.

Interesting! This actually sounds like a bug I thought I fixed in an earlier patch.

When I try to use the transit kiosk here, though, it seems to work normally. Do you have a save file you can share where this is happening? I could download that and see what's causing it, and hopefully fix it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I sure do have a save for you.
The same ship as the save with the UNTIME bug just at the start of the shift.!Amys6vx9dNs-iGRChJla9W4RoHZK?e=SeMJ8Y