Trait Selection Coded

Hey Folks! After finishing the trait screen mock-up early this morning, I spent most of the day creating in-game assets and code for it.

There really wasn't much left to do in the mock-up after yesterday. I added some instruction lines, some point cost info to each product (similar to NEO Scavenger's skill cost dots), a highlight/dimmed mode to each button, and some graphical sprucing-up to the signage. Once that was done, it was off to Unity and Visual Studio to bring it to life!

Fortunately, a lot of the tricks I needed to do a UI like this were already figured out in earlier UIs. Especially the career one, from which I borrowed a lot of assets and code. And by the end of the day, I was able to (just now) finish getting the code for this UI done. It compiles, but I haven't been able to test it yet. Today's screenshot is the current in-game look, which is an empty shell until I get an AI's data hooked-up to it.

Tomorrow, I'll need to delve into the game data to make this possible. Right now, it's a placeholder item, so there's no way for AI to interact with it. I need to add interaction and UI data to the kiosk for that. Plus a bunch of condition and trigger data to control who can do what.

However, I don't think that'll be too hard to do, and I should have a working version fairly quickly. I'm also not too pessimistic about the code working, as it was much (much) simpler than the career UI. Only these two screens, whereas the career UI had several different pages and modes.

Who knows? Perhaps we'll have complete chargen within a day or so?

Tags: Ostranauts