Tracking Our Quarry

Hey Folks! Another round of bug fixes and stability improvements today, followed by a near successful plot run!

Fixes include a bug that prevented orbits and bodies from rendering at first until the plotter changed zoom, beds having an inaccessible use point when against walls, docking to ships without their positions locking together, and the plotter trying to fly to a target's current position instead of the projected position when we arrive. I also found a bug that caused the docking UI to duplicate every time I viewed it, and plots were generating NPCs from the wrong career/homeworld sometimes.

Once all those were found and fixed, I was finally able to do a dry run of our bartender plot! See today's screenshot for an overview in 4 parts. (Left to right, top to bottom.)

Part 1

Fresh out of character generation on our new ship, I checked our contacts for any bartenders. Alas, only one listed. A Tyler Nash, on HQCH station (Mercury). Unfortunately, she became our enemy during an accident that killed a person during our shipbreaker career on OKLG (where we are starting). So probably no dice there. (Behind the scenes, Tyler was generated by the plot system to fulfill the bar snitch plot early on, and when it came time to find a career enemy for my character, the plot engine chose her.)

So I use a debug command to spawn a new bartender crewmate: Bin Sammie Hartman, and order a drink. He tells me of an ex partner who swindled him out of a bar way back when. And guess who it is? Tyler Nash! (In this case, Tyler was specifically spawned for this plot earlier. We just happened to learn of her as part of our career history, and the plot engine decided to double her up on social networks.)

Part 2

Time to head to HQCH in our trusty ship. A ~4AU distance. But thanks to a debug thrust boost of 1000000x, we arrive there in 4.8 minutes :) (Without that, I guess Bin and I would sleep, eat, and shoot the breeze for a few days, barring any mechanical issues.)

Part 3

Docking at HCQH. As the docking clamps close, the tension is palpable!

Part 4

Confronting Tyler in the airlock of HQCH station. Here's where we would normally do the next step in the plot: rat her out to the local authorities.

Unfortunately, there are no law enforcers in the game yet. And what's more, no plot data for how to rat her out. So for now, all we can do is scold her for not honoring a spacefarer's superstition. And since the AI doesn't yet care about relationship status, she'll probably capitulate.

Anyway, this is nearly a good sketch of a microplot in action. I'm going to add some LEOs to the game so there is an authority figure to interact with on each station. And then, figure out some way to trigger the next plot step. Could be tricky pairing up the snitch target and LEOs to be from the same station. But that's going to be a common requirement, so seems worth figuring out.

We're getting there!

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