Top-Down Sprites, Interactions, and Taxes

Hey Folks! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday. I was out of the office for longer than expected, and didn't have much time to write upon returning. Not a lot to show off yesterday anyway.

Today was only a little better, as I spent the majority of my day preparing tax stuff. Most of my paperwork is already with the accountants, but there are a few extra things I needed to assemble this morning. Foreign account stuff, home office deduction calculations, that sort of thing. I think I'm nearly done, though, so hopefully it's only minor things from here out.

I spent a bit more time responding to Emily and Michael about next steps. You can see Emily's latest top-down sprite in today's screenshot. I asked her to remove all lighting info from the sprite so I could add normal maps to it, so that's why it looks flat right now. But it gives you an idea for how a different outfit would look using the existing system. Basically, aviation coveralls. Should be interesting to see it fully-lit once I get that setup.

I've asked her if she has any additional recommendations besides this style. I can't think of any readily, but that's partly why I outsourced this art task. It can be sometimes hard for me to see opportunities when I'm focused on so many other details.

Michael is gearing-up to expand the interaction system a bit. We're currently chatting about where that system might go, and the things it might need to handle. Some good ideas blossoming there. In the meantime, we may try to tackle a simpler subset of interactions just to see how the rhythm and equilibrium plays out, and if there are obvious footholds for beginning our ascent to Mt. Player Interaction.

That's all for today!