Tooltips, Head Lamps, and Voids

Hey Folks! I tackled a mix of things today, ranging from UI, to gameplay, to simulation.

One of the things I've been meaning to do was add NEO-Scavenger-like tooltips to the game, so I could see more info about the item under the cursor. A lot of this was on-screen in some plain text, but got covered-up when UI was displayed like the player info or editor part selection. Now, the tooltip follows around the cursor similar to what we saw in NS. The text is still pretty crude by comparison, but it does the job.

Second, Rovlad mentioned how hard it was to see anything in the new "spooky" lighting mode. The EVA suit was supposed to eventually have a head lamp for just this purpose, so I accelerated that plan and mocked-up something to do the job until it's more formalized. It's basically a spotlight attached to the human rig's head, and if anything adds the "IsHeadLamp" condition to a human, it switches on. Currently, the EVA helmet gives this condition when equipped.

Finally, I did some more work to the gas/atmo system, to cover some edge cases. Previously, it only worked when at least one room was a non-void, so I beefed-it-up to handle void-void exchanges. That, and some code to ensure voids never received any gas/temperature changes, to keep the unsealed rooms from gaining weird residual heat/gas.

With all that in place, I was successfully able to dock with a derelict and start walking around. I still see one atmo edge case in need of solving (missing floor tiles), but the bigger issue now is: what the heck do I do once I start exploring? Not really any loot yet, except for a few food packets. So perhaps loot is next. And/or some tool interactions to dismantle parts for sale later.

Tags: Ostranauts