Is there a way to automatically show "Spoiler " sections on the forum, when you browse them?

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Is there a way to automatically show "Spoiler " sections on the forum, when you browse them?

Hi there, I am using Extended NeoScav mod and I often consult the Mod's page here for information, since it doesn't have any wiki section or anything similar. It's the next best thing. But the creator has put the whole changes and additions to the game under several spoiler walls in his post, so, each time I have to open them all, so searches can work. It's annoying. I could not find any option to expand all the spoilers on the site automatically, does it exist? If not, I suppose I should save the page as a .pdf or something... But I thought, why not ask here first?

I'm not aware of any way to auto-expand spoilers.

Though, you might be able to work around the problem with some creative tricks:

1 - I think all the spoiler text is present on the page even before you expand spoilers, so you could always search within the page source code if you wanted to avoid clicking a bunch. It's not as pretty, but for large blocks of text it isn't too bad.

2 - If you were really ambitious, you could live-mod the CSS file that hides spoilers. This requires a bit more setup than the payoff is arguably worth, but is a cool trick that can also be used on other sites. Basically, if you right-click on a page element in Chrome, you can use "Inspect Object" to see the code for it, and the CSS (styling info) for it. In theory, you could select the spoiler, inspect it, look for the spoiler CSS tags, and just edit them to do nothing.

Again, trick #2 is a bit more advanced, but not hard to do once you get the hang of it. And it can open up some really useful tricks on other sites, too! (E.g. hide the annoying pop-over elements on webpages, for example)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks, it's sad that there is no easy one-click solution for this. I am using Waterfox, not Chrome, but yeah, I know how to tamper with the code on sites. As I said, if I get tired of clicking 10 times every time, I could simply made it a pdf, or ask the creator to remove the spoiler tags, new idea! :D

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