Text and Selection Overlay Fixes, Build Queues

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did a fair amount of outdoor stuff here, on account of the nicer weather. It was nice to start enjoying the yard again, and I can't wait for sunshine and warmth to become the norm for a while.

I resumed work on the stacking bugs today, and I think I've finally got those sorted out now. There were some bookkeeping issues in cases where items got added to or removed from stacks, which caused the ship to misjudge which item could be selected and/or stacked upon. After clearing those up, I was finally able to drop items and have them stack, and then pick them up again, one-by-one.

While in there, I figured I'd fix the stack counter, since they broke with the rendering engine change. Almost by accident, I noticed that I could get it rendering at a cruddy low resolution by changing the object's layer in Unity. And to fix the cruddy low-res issue, I could replace the old vanilla Text object in Unity with a TextMeshPro version. The result is the stack counter you see in today's screenshot.

Similarly, the crew name label was missing. So I fixed that as well!

And, perhaps through hubris, I figured "if I can fix those, I can fix the drag-selection box, as well!" That turned out to be trickier to solve.

The problem with the box was that it wouldn't match the dimensions of the dragged area made by the user. Either the size of the box, the position, or both seemed wrong. And worse, it was resolution dependent. Adjusting the size of a canvas UI via code was not very intuitive.

In the end, I just scrapped that old scaling canvas sprite, and went for a vector line approach (similar to how the rubber band line is drawn when choosing an object's input signal). A few lines of code later, I had a nicely-rendering drag-select box. You can see it bounding the entire screenshot.

I think these are ready for prime time, so I'll be checking those in tomorrow. And in doing so, I'll grab Michael's latest job-queue code. Seems he's been making some good progress on getting his entire crew to systematically dismantle large swaths of walls by painting dismantle jobs all over his ship. So we are getting closer to a point where we can paint sections of a ship to have them fixed, removed, or built!

Tags: Ostranauts