Teaser Teaser

Hey Folks! Not a lot of progress today, as quite a few interruptions and admin work got in the way.

What work I did manage to do, however, was for the upcoming teaser video. And today's image is a teaser for the teaser, so to speak. Joshua and I were chatting about possible scripts for the teaser, and I think we've settled on this establishing shot: we see NEO Scavenger hex tiles, and we pan up into space. From there, we show off in-game footage of the new game.

The point here is to answer a question a lot of folks have when they hear about this space game. "Is this a sequel? Is this a new setting?" Right off the bat, we see this is in the NEO Scavenger universe, and we'll even get a bit of context to explain how these two worlds coexist without much contact. We also can see that, while Philip wanders the Earth down below, this other set of characters is doing their thing up in space.

Same universe, parallel stories.

That's the hope, anyway. I think it should be pretty clear once folks see it. Not to mention eye-catching for both fans of the original game, and newcomers wondering where the camera is going to point next.

Behind the scenes, I've been coding something in Unity to approximate NS hex maps, but to also show this fade off into the horizon, leading eventually to a star field. Since getting a smooth panning shot of this in NS would involve a lot of custom coding (remove the UI, add fading hexes and horizon, etc.), I decided to just use a fresh scene in Unity. I originally was just going to mock it up in Photoshop, but it turned out to be really slow and tedious to line-up all those hexes.

Scripting to the rescue :)

Anyway, once this is working, I should be able to either capture the panning shot and send the footage to Joshua, or even just send him the app so he can run it there and capture what he needs. Unity to the rescue!