Tear Down These Walls

...and put them up again!

Michael's got the wall uninstall/reinstall feature working, so it's now possible to tear down a wall and put it up elsewhere. He's going to do the same for floor tiles next. And once done, that's a good chunk of the way towards getting a derelict fixed-up, as it'll allow players to seal-off areas of the ship that have holes in the walls/floor.

Or, in the case of today's shot, seal off annoying crewmates!

His pathfinding update seemed to be much faster, too. I was able to get around without issues on even larger ships. (The big ship was running at 75fps!) The only bug I hit so far was the cross-ship pathfinding, which he's going to look into.

We also had a chat about our "fix a derelict in-game" milestone, and started divvying up tasks. I'll be tackling on/off stuff as I have been, and he'll continue on to some UI creature comforts, like a player indicator, and list of current objectives. E.g. no O2 supply, unreachable room, or even new player orientation stuff, like "choose appearance in bathroom" and "choose homeworld at green kiosk"

Sabina's latest draft is looking quite good, too. She's planning another pass on it tomorrow to add more detail and refinements, and let me tell you, it's exciting seeing this world come to life!

Anyway, progress continues. Hopefully we'll be patching-up our favorite junker before too long!

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angrylolrus's picture

Not to offer unsolicited advice, but iirc from reading your dev logs, ships are already subdivided up into rooms, right? So, for cross-ship pathfinding, perhaps you could memoize all the paths from each entrance to each exit of every room. It adds costs at initialization and when building/moving things in rooms, but unless I horribly misunderstand how everything works, it would significantly cut down on cross ship pathfinding.


dcfedor's picture

Nope, you're not misunderstanding. Ships are indeed divided into rooms. And that sort of high-level pathfinding caching from room to room is definitely on the list for future optimizations!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games