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Are there any mods that add swords to the game?

Not that I know of. I think there were plans to add in weapons like that in Blackguard (also referred to as Hell Forge), but I'm not sure if they ever made it in.
That particular mod wasn't finished for IRL reasons.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

I actually made one ages ago but I'm pretty sure I never released it! It was a small mod that involved meeting a wandering, delusional "cleric" called Pardue (spot the reference!) that gives you a quest to climb a "tower" that could end with giving you a mint-condition broadsword. Rusty old versions of the same sword could be randomly found in museum ruins. There may have been "armor" or a shield too, but I can't remember, sorry... this was many years ago! :(

Since I'm going to be trying to fix all my old mods, I might see if I still have the assets or code for the "sword" one!

EDIT: Found it! Will post the graphics if anyone's interested. It was part of a "Banjo" mod I was making but never released, that made all sorts of minor tweaks to the game such as rain catching, putting straps/necklaces on certain items, new skills and other things. I might try and rebuild it, or maybe make the sword part it's own mini-mod someday.

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If you ever do decided to rebuild it I would be interested