Sungura Viceroys


Sungura Viceroys is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Sungura Limited, a company from Old Kenya. Viceroys are known for their raw cut and flavour, Sungura’s distinctive mascot, and the “Viceroy’s orders” gesture associated with their use.

  • Product: Cigarette
  • Manufacturer: Sungura Limited
  • Country of origin: Old Kenya
  • Variants: Viceroy’s Menthols, Viceroy’s Greens
  • Ticker symbol: SUNG


The Viceroys brand was created during the Central African States’ economic boom in the early colonisation rush. Urbanization and international investment into areas like Nairobi, Kinshasa, and Dar es Salaam created a new suburban working class. Sungura targeted their line of cigarettes at this new market.

Mass emigration from Africa brought Viceroys to space workers and long haul workers. In 2062 the Colonial Trade Commission investigated the popularity of the cigarette among environmental technicians, and a correlation between the cigarette’s increasing market share and the rising maintenance costs and failure rates of CO2 scrubbers. The investigation is ongoing, though no action has been taken against Sungura over this issue.


Viceroys’ packaging and advertising often feature Sungura’s mascot, the eponymous red hare, and the company’s cast of stock characters. Though he is portrayed as a trickster, he is good natured and reasonable, and punishes pomposity. His ears form the red V in ‘Viceroys’ on the cigarette cartons.

The cigarette is filterless and rough. It presents itself as the preferred brand of smokers who want raw flavour after hard shift work. The brand’s slogan ‘Viceroy’s orders’ has become common parlance in working communities to mean a smoke break, often accompanied by a V hand gesture and/or thumb over the shoulder.


Smoke break. Viceroy’s orders.
For the long burn home.
You earned a break.
Sweeter than oxygen.