Suggestions adding "don't disturb" option to socialising with timer (how long not to disturb)

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Suggestions adding "don't disturb" option to socialising with timer (how long not to disturb)

Have to often problems, that NPC crew stops my activate, by starting to talks, middle of things, so had idea how maybe to fix it a bit.

mostly I feel like you should have option to tell "to back of don't disturb me!" , and properly also adding same time limits..
like maybe submenu :
don't disturb! > time >( maybe ) option how to say.. (nice-rude)

it also should be for all NPC's, but sounds reasonable you can give more and longer orders for your crew

(ATM that's most ANOING thing, when you're crew stops you ALL the time.. mid work!!)

////If that ATM sounds "no go", then maybe adding similar options to PDA, so hired NPC, when you controlling have same behaviour options.

// edited same misspelling//

Sorry for the pesky crew interruptions. And interesting idea!

Are the crew disturbing you while they are set to "work" mode on the Roster UI? Because that might be a bug. In "free" or "sleep" mode, they technically do whatever they want.

Though maybe we need to adjust their target selection to avoid other crew that are currently working, in all of the above cases.

Admittedly, we didn't test crew a bunch in the 0.8 milestone. That's more of an 0.9 milestone focus (the "Wear & Tear" update), since we planned on having crew help fix and maintain the ship.

That said, we're starting 0.9 now. And it might give us a chance to do some early tweaks to the crew AI, so we'll look into it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

thanx for answering

yes they did started conversations also when they were on "work" mode.... and same worst times it was.. like 5 times in 1 in game min; I'm finishing talking, and they start
again, and again ,,, often, until i manually give same order to that npc.... ;)
(i had hired 2 crew, and more often it was 1 of them, so maybe same personality is worse then same odder)

on odder NPC problems end, its problematic on performance, that all npc on station, want to take you're EVA and pressure suites from you're ship, they most times cant [but they wasn't, because i did see placed red footsteps next to my stuff ], but had time or 2 when same came onboard and take same stuff, but in most it just slowing performance, so if i wanted to build connected to station, and speed up game, may FPS tanked, and when i take all suite parts to my character , it got LOT better ;)

but ATM, it alpha state, so still lot of things need adding and rebalanced, but so fare, NICE start, and at least i have had same fun time with it already, and waiting eagerly what's to come ,)


aa and forgot, on crew chat, now most of them avoid to answer there "skills" q, and move to different, topic, and it may be impossible to get same of then to answer that, so that part maybe needs also bit of overlook an balancing,

Thanks for the additional info!

I have seen that performance issue with AIs and helmet-seeking, too. And I've got a note to see if I can improve that later.

I've also heard a few folks complaining about NPCs bugging them too much now, so that's on my to-do list, as well!

As for the skills question, there are three possibilities that come to mind:
1 - they don't want to talk about skills. Something else is more important to them right now.
2 - they don't have any skills to talk about. (Rare, but it always leads to diverting conversation topic.)
3 - a bug!

I think the way players ask about skills is probably overdue for a change. It's really clumsy right now, and the AI replies don't always help (e.g. they tell you they like cooking). So I expect this to change to a new conversation format eventually. Possibly even in the 0.9 roadmap milestone, as players will need to hire and interact with crew more.

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games