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Suggestion: Make the conduits less visible, or even better, visible with a toggle like the power flow

Also, i really liked the idea of a trashy basic salvage pod, especially as the game is right now (without long range travel, no much point in having a big ship). Maybe you could put both the Extra-Lux (the version we have now) and the Basic version in the game? For example, you could get the Extra-Lux only by the "seeing an ad" event, and maybe even actually pay money for it, and leave the Basic version for the "assembled yourself pod" event.

I also designed a basic pod, i can't find a way to post an image here but it was with only a nav station enclosed by walls directly above the airlock, and separated from the rest of the ship (containing battery and rcs regulator) by another door, so you could pilot it even with only pressure suit (maybe re-heating the air from KLEG? )

BTW: is this the correct place to throw suggestions, or should i use the general channel on Discord?

The clock / time meter in the bottom right apppears to cover some of the text notifications. ability to move/reposition would be good.

@Xadhoom, I was hoping to do something like this eventually. I.e. "Take Ship" gives you a different ship depending on the situation, and you have to gamble on taking what you're offered now, or holding out for something better later.

And you can post suggestions here, or on Discord. I try to respond in both places, though Discord tends to be more crowded.

@BlouFalcon, is this still the issue in I thought I had fixed that bug.

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