Sub-Floor Fuel Canisters

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Relatively quiet family time here, so I'm feeling a bit more refreshed.

Today, I resumed the fuel canister work from last week. And I decided on a 7x7 canister that sits below the floor, with a 3x3 protrusion above the floor. Today's screenshot shows how they look installed, plus the grid requirements around the one in the top right. (Note: it's a 9x9 grid, but the outer ring has no restrictions.)

Basically, these are the same giant canisters as before, except the extend downward through the floor, instead of across the floor, taking up a ton of space. The nice thing about this approach is twofold:

1 - We can free up a bunch of walking space on the ship and/or reduce the deckplans to a smaller size.
2 - These things can be arbitrarily deep, if we decide we want them to hold more or less than the current amounts.

This also implies we have a lot more ship going on under the floor. Which I think will be fine. The reactor is sort of the same situation. We see a tiny top piece, but there's more assumed belowdecks.

Ultimately, we have a nicer looking layout now, with more layout flexibility. Plus we get a smidge more realism, since a fusion torch should ideally be as far away from people as possible. If we assume giant canisters are between us and the exhaust, that's more distance and shielding for the suspension of disbelief! And if you're the type that doesn't want pesky realism ruining your design, you don't have to look at giant, unusable fuel space :)

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about this change. I still have some plausibility concerns about uninstalling one of these babies and putting them into one's pocket for salvage. But one problem at a time.

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I would think the tanks themselves would come with the ship. Perhaps you could replace the lid or something, but you could only "patch" the existing tanks. At best, maybe you could salvage one, lash it to the side of the ship, and haul it back to the shipyard where you could could hire them to replace the tank.

Of course, you could still transfer the contents between docked ships at any time.

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In the long term, that might be a good approach. An alternative might be to require it be disassembled into smaller sections and moved.

For now, the goal is to be able to completely dismantle a derelict and rebuild, letting the player choose any design/layout they want. And this was the quickest way to do that.

Quick and dirty now, and we'll refine later :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games