Stuff's Gettin' Better Everyday

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'd say it was a pretty good one here. Nice weather. Nice dinners. A trip to the zoo. And a night where we were able to socialize with grown-ups. Yay!

Back in dev land, I found myself thinking of the today's title, a quote from the Postman, when prepping today's devlog. NEO Scavenger desktop version is getting better everyday.

As you can see in today's image, gone are the fat mobile buttons and slide-out tray that hid several of the action buttons like Run and Hide. The cursor mode toggle stays put when you click it, instead of the mobile fly-out for easier tapping near screen edge. And several of the mobile-only text labels are now omitted from the desktop build.

As part of all this, I decided to create a separate class for storing desktop UI coordinates, since it was starting to become a real mess in there. Between multiple screen layouts and platforms, there were just too many combos of too many values making maintenance a pain.

Now, there is a desktop and mobile class where I can define sensible values for everything without having branching code and exceptions.

It's nearly identical to the old UI now, with a few minor improvements (like fatter scroll buttons on the log and attack modes, and other areas where it doesn't hurt).

Next steps include:

  • Fix remaining UI errors on main menu.
  • Revisit the modding code and see if I can resurrect that, now that the game loads completely in desktop mode.
  • Check non-default UI modes (4:3 and BIG UI modes). (Big, in particular, hasn't been maintained since mobile, and likely is broken.)

Only one of those is trivial work, so plenty more to do!