Stripping Chargen Station bugged my inventory

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Stripping Chargen Station bugged my inventory

Hello! First time posting here. Love the game!

I decided to fully strip down the chargen station this time around and noticed that the walls, when picked up, did not appear in my inventory, but still seemed to take up a space. Effectively, the walls were placed in my inventory as invisible, immovable objects, uninteractable-with objects.

Obviously, this is easy enough to avoid. I just won't take any of the cursed Chargen Station walls. But I figured you should know.



Thanks for the heads-up! I think this is because OKLG is composed of some pieces that were not meant to be uninstalled, and they might be lacking inventory art.

I think we're eventually going to swap out those old pieces for ones that are more like the derelict parts, complete with uninstall/repair assets.

But yeah, in the short term, watch out for those invisible walls! :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games