Story Time

Hey Folks! Finished some features today, and had a cool micro story to share as a result.

In today's gif, we see Ian docking his salvage pod to a derelict. He starts in his airlock, and crosses the gangway into the darkened derelict. We can see discarded EVA suits, scrap, and loose items on the ground. Then, using his drill to cannibalize some conduits from elsewhere on the derelict, he installs them in the mainline from the reactor to restore power to some lights and sensors.


There's still a long way to go before this is a playable game, but this was a pretty cool moment. And fairly representative of one of the shorter game loops I picture in the final game: using tools at one's disposal to navigate and explore, gather resources to keep financially solvent, or even restore an old wreck to make a new home.

I'm kinda interested in seeing if I can get this ship at least mostly restored using the parts already here. It won't be enough to seal all the holes, but I think I have enough conduit I can cannibalize from less important rooms to restore the lighting, air pumps, sensors, and batteries.

Perhaps with a bit more content in the game, I could even fix all the holes, and power-up more sophisticated systems like the reactor and nav station?


But, it's late in the day, and we're due for dinner. So until next week!

Tags: Ostranauts


Rovlad's picture

Ah, the moment when you finally start enjoying playing your own game.
Savor it, cuz you'll probably start hating it before too long. :)

dcfedor's picture

Yeah, I tend to ping-pong between love and hate quite a lot along the road to release :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games