Steam Version on Linux - Sound Delay

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Steam Version on Linux - Sound Delay

I decided to play Neo Scavenger again for the first time in a while but nowadays I use Linux (Manjaro at the moment) instead of Windows. I noticed while playing that the sounds for picking an item up and placing it have a one or two second delay until you hear the actual sound. I thought this may be due to lag, so I tried to improve the performance the best I could but it does nothing. This isn't the biggest issue but it's an annoying one for sure!

6 years later and I'm still a noob

Hi hunter0one,

I apologize for the audio lag issues. And unfortunately, I have to admit I have almost zero knowledge to offer on Linux issues. I usually just Google until I either find someone with the same problem, or I give up :)

That said, this sounds somewhat similar to what you're describing:

And of the solutions there help your situation?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games