Steam Page Approved! Email Newsletter Prep, etc.

Hey Folks! Inching forward on marketing push each day, here.

I received word that Valve approved the Steam "Coming Soon" page for the game, so that can launch at any moment now. I made a few adjustments there, hooked it up to my developer/publisher page there, and I think it'll be good to go after one final review.

I also managed to finish the email newsletter today, which I wasn't expecting. It involved updating the mailing list to weed out suspected bot subscribers, back during a time when Mailchimp allowed opting-in without confirming emails. Cut the valid recipients by 66%, but I'd rather that than trigger spam blacklisting anywhere.

There's one or two things I could add to this website, such as a larger "Settings" page, or other info pages for the game. But otherwise, it's looking like I could maybe launch this thing next week? Scary!

For now, it's possibly my last weekend of relaxation. I'll probably be stressing out after the announcement, keeping up with feedback and questions :)

Have a good one, all!

Tags: Ostranauts