Steady Progress On UI Modes

Hey Folks! Back from vacation, and I have the scars to prove it. My body wasn't really used to the sun, heat, dust, and abuse outdoor living provides. But I suppose I look a bit more rugged for the next few weeks :)

Back in the NEO Scavenger codebase, I was able to get resolution switching to behave a bit better. I went with the ScaleMode approach, as that only required a few tweaks to get the desired results. Namely, I also had to crop the camera after adjustments to get the screen setup when switching resolutions.

Then came the tedious part: fixing-up all the little button, text, and other elements to look correct in each resolution.

As you can see in today's screenshot, I've nearly got the "BIG UI" main menu restored, and 4:3 is nearly there, too. I had to re-add some font-swapping code for when the text switches from tiny to medium pixel fonts during UI swap. I also needed to add some sprite scaling code to adjust the logo size, but I think there may still be a bug causing it to overscale in SMALL and 4:3 modes.

Otherwise, Small and 4:3 are ready. I also fixed yet another button toggle bug, which turned out to be only a bug on this screen and not buttons in general. Basically, the UI mode buttons should act as a radio button group, and the function call to force that update wasn't in place yet.

BIG's options screen needs some work, and I've also got some scrolling background issues to sort out in BIG mode.

Once that's done, I have to verify the AUTO mode switches accordingly. And that the fullscreen, stretch, and filter modes still work. I think I accidentally verified filter is working today, as is fullscreen. So it might just be stretch left.

Anyway, a fair bit of progress today. At least as far as the main menu is concerned. Hopefully, once that's done, the main game should be reusing a lot of the same tricks and fixes I used in the main menu!