Spooky Station of Death (!!! SPOILERS !!!)

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Spooky Station of Death (!!! SPOILERS !!!)


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So, I was playing Ostranauts for the first time and managed to finally fix myself up a derelict. I decided to take it back to the space station that I started nearby and had visited before. When I got back though, I immediately knew something was wrong because I didn't hear anyone moving around and doing tasks like before. My screen also started to shake slightly and I heard static buzzing in the background. As I went into the station I realized everyone inside of it was dead, but there was no sign of a struggle or some kind of attack. It just seemed like everyone dropped dead right after I left. Even the TV was still on (which was very creepy as well).

I wasn't able to find anything that might indicate what happened. I even found all of the passkeys on the ground that gave me the codes for the locked doors. It seemed like I maybe wasn't supposed to get beyond those doors, though, because they were just dead-end hallways and told me nothing. The thing that puzzles me the most about this, however, is that nobody else seems to have mentioned this encounter anywhere. I looked around the forums and gave a quick google to see if anyone else had talked about this and was not able to easily find anything. I'm inclined to believe that this was not a bug due to the screen shake and creepy noises that started playing.

The whole encounter reminded me of the atmosphere at Hidden Lake in NEO Scavenger. Maybe everyone was strangled? If this is how the game is going to handle its atmosphere then I am 100% on board with it. It was honestly scarier than any horror game that I've played recently. The fact that I was not able to find any clues as to what happened had me getting out of there ASAP and then checking every compartment of my ship for a murderous stowaway afterward.

Has anyone else run into this yet? Any theories as to what happened?

On another note, when I fired up my new ship and detached it from the salvage pod, the salvage pod followed with me. It was 600.0m from me at all times like it was somehow stuck on me. Does anyone know how to get it off?

I love this. And I hope every player feels this way when anything happens in the game :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Did you forget to close the airlock again? :D

Yeah, I did just forget to close the airlock, but when I first saw the consequences along with the buzzing and screen shake from depressurization it seemed like a horror segment, which was way cooler.

Creepy AF, true enough.

Happened to me too, but I figured out that the shaking and buzzing came from the pod following me around crashing into my ship while it was docked.