Spooky Derelicts! And Systems Hardening

Hey Folks! A pretty productive day today, as I finished up power improvements, hardened some game systems, and fixed several bugs. Plus, a spooky lighting change!

I'll start with the lighting, since that's the most visual change. Basically, I turned off the ambient lighting in the game, just to see. And it's an interesting change that definitely makes derelicts more foreboding. The one we see in today's image has some pools of light, and a lot of impenetrable shadows. Plus some gaping holes in the hull, and sections without power. (Though strangely with LEDs still on...)

I'll probably need to do more with lighting at some point, but I'm going to leave it like this for a while to see if it reveals any opportunities for immersion/atmosphere.

Also, I added a toggle for the ambient lighting when in ship editing mode, so one can at least see what they're doing while designing ships :)

Moving on to the more involved tasks, I fixed the power overlay system to correctly line-up gray icons with the tiles lacking power input. I also added a toggle at the top (next to Roster) for showing/hiding all powered tiles on the ship. There were also a few data errors in air pumps that I noticed as a result of fixing this system, so I cleaned those out, as well.

Once this was done, I did a pass on all the ship layouts to add missing conduits for lighting. Now everything lights up when powered, and sections of ships will appropriately darken when power is cut.

There was a minor bug that prevented the Roster UI from opening, so I fixed that.

Then, I took a new character for a spin to try salvaging a derelict, and noticed a few new issues. First, slotted items were not being saved correctly (they were restored as carried). So I added some code to handle saving/loading of that. However, I'm now noticing that I also never added code to transfer carried/slotted items to new ships as their owner moved onto the new ship. So I'll have to add that tomorrow.

Once that's done, I'll resume trying to salvage the derelict. Or more accurately, arrive at the derelict, walk around, and figure out which tool and interactions to hook-up first.

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Rovlad's picture

Next step: flashlights! Or maybe EVA suits have built-in ones?

dcfedor's picture

They do!

Or at least they will, once I can figure out how. Easy enough to just plop a spotlight onto the human rig. But deciding how to make that switchable via data will take some thinking.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games