Speed running: easy, non-exploit vanilla any% speedrun tactic

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Speed running: easy, non-exploit vanilla any% speedrun tactic

Tired of dying all the time? Are Blue Frogs, sepsis and hypothermia too hot (or cold) to handle? Wanna say goodbye to the hellhole you wake up in as fast as possible? If at least two of those are so, this is the topic for you. You gotta be quick so I'll cut to the point and follow these steps:
Take the traits good metabolism, athletic, melee, trapping and eagle eye. As soon as you wake up go through the annoying dialog and fight the dogman. Immediately leave and scavenge the cryo facility with your eagle eye and take the multitool in your hands and cut the dogman WITH THE TRAPPING SKILL and wear it's hide so you don't freeze, then tear apart your only piece of modern clothing (the gown) like any savage would when they find out there's no more laws. Bandage yourself with the rags, put one on your face for good measure and take the rest with you; time to start moving. Move exactly TEN hexes East (right) and go North (upwards) from there until you reach Camp Grayling and head there; avoid rough terrain, random encounters and anything else that breathes; retreat from them if you can't avoid them all together and bandage yourself with the rags you brought with you if you get hurt. No sleeping once it's night though lazyhead, it'll only take around one day to make it to the camp if you stay up all night going to it and you won't black out before then. Once you reach the camp head to the side with the forest and cut the fence with your multitool (If you forgot it then tough luck) and pass the skill check using athletic to not become leftover Wendigo food by the microwave pulsing defenses. Go to the storage shed unprotected (the shed hasn't had anyone head to it before but the other places have so you don't need to worry about the shed.) Examine the forklift and rig it to drive by itself and head to the maintenance hangar. Go down it's hatch, confirm you wanna and have your mind drift off and immediately leave the place that it takes you to. Then mash the confirm button and BOOM! You left the godforsaken wasteland alive in just about a day! Have fun no longer dying whilst wearing two womens' left shoes.

Roses are red,
Been playing so great,
Your whole body is in an inflammatory, 'potentially' fatal state.

Ranged is always a good way for you to last longer, but consider playing a large range of builds. A variety of knowledge goes a long way, and sometimes it's a stranger build that works better. Personally, I always go melee and tough (it gives a large range of bonuses).

L Brands Aces

Looking forward to you sharing more information, I have been looking for it for days.