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Space Prototype

So any information about this game I just read about it in a rock paper shotgun review and it seems like there is nothing here except a few time the dev has mentioned it. The game seems awesome and it sucks that there is no more information or at least some way to test it for bugs. The review came out almost 2 years ago so I doubt it's not at least slightly playable maybe he has been busy on the mobile game but I don't know and it would be nice to has an answer

The space prototype is still under development. I had to put it on hold for NS mobile, and I'm just getting back to it now. To read about it, search for "space prototype" on this site, and you should see the relevant posts.

Also, since the new website launched, new blog posts will have tags, and there is a "space prototype" tag you can use to follow progress.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games