Space Brands and Emails

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We seemed to have a paradoxically busy yet lazy one here, running around doing errands and fixing stuff around the house and then vegging out in front of the tv. Weird mix.

Back at the office, it was mostly an admin day, though a good chunk of it was fun admin. Namely, looking over Michael's latest "Space Brands" work.

As some of you may recall, I hired Michael recently to develop some brands for the new space prototype. And this is the second batch we're tackling, including vodka, tea, sports, news, personal electronics, plus a handful of others. It's a really cool exercise, not only because it fleshes-out the universe's people and places, but it also forces me to answer some interesting questions about the world. World-building questions like how governments are organized, how communications works, how technology evolves, and how the future history looks in a timeline.

The other cool thing about this task is that it will create a bunch of plot hooks for me to hang story ideas from. And potentially one of the most interesting of those is character origin stories, and how they fit into the tableau of major players in the world. How did the player get the ship they start with? Whom did they borrow from, or betray? Who's tracking them down, and whom can they turn to in a pinch?

That's assuming I get that far, though. I'm still just getting basic game systems prototyped :)

The rest of the day was more general admin stuff. Emails, order issues, PR, etc. There might be a bit of spill-over into tomorrow or later this week, but I'm hoping to be back in the code soon!


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Fascinating! I'm excited to see more relating to this.

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Glad to hear it! I'm actually pretty excited to work on it, too. Quite a bit of plumbing still needed before I get to that stage, though :)

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