Some QoL suggestions/features

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Some QoL suggestions/features

- Hotkey for cycling time scale back to 1x, in addition to up/down a level?

- Ability to turn EVA suits on/off without having to remove the battery?

Thanks for the suggestions!

I have to figure out what I'm doing with time controls, as it kind of works two ways right now. If you spacebar pause and unpause, it returns to 1x instead of previous FF rate. But if you click "Play" to unpause, it seems to revert to previous speed.

And some players want one vs. other :)

Definitely need some manual controls on the EVA suit, though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

QOL things I would like to see.

Airlocks and doors that automatically close. Would create heating and air issues which would be solved with:

Air vents that can be built to connect rooms, but with an auto sensor to shut off if the room becomes a vacuum.

CO2 scrubbers.

Supply kiosk in KLEG that refreshes periodically. Potential ship modules, floor/wall pieces.

Station NPC's with quests. Salvage the telemetry box from this wreck, bring me X specific ship components, take me to this wreck, etc etc.

Character status bars that represent current atmosphere. I have died due to asphyxiation so often while the atmo is within acceptable limits.

A death screen that gives a bit more info, with a pop up that gives tips that apply and a toggle option to turn the expanded death screen or tips off if desired.

Ability to move around on derelicts without floor spaces, as long as there is a ship component (including wall, conduit or floor) within one tile of path.

Inventory management.... left click the window border of an open box/ground/refrigerator, shift left click an item in inventory or highlighted box and it automatically moves to the linked window. Could make it all sorts of complicated and be able to designate one box as primary and another as secondary, or keep it simple and character inventory is always primary.

Drag an item onto a closed box, it attempts to drop into the box.

Right click a box in character inventory, new option "dump" that will drop all items in that box onto the ground.

Ability to dismantle an airlock. Ability to install second or third airlock on ship. Would be useful if one of your airlocks is always in vacuum for derelict work and the other is for docking with atmo'd ships or stations.

I had a few other ideas but they escaped me for the time being.

something that i would love to see is a item like a sonar that when you used it, it can show you the places in the ship that need repair like walls or floors and if any wall or floor is missing, cause it takes a long time looking around carefully for every damaged wall or floor and for every missing wall or floor. something like you used it, makes a sound and a sound wave travel around the ship and it can make some noises in the zone that is missing something. or just a pop up that appear on screen telling you where is the damage.

It is actually improved now that you can see direction of atmo flow in each of the doorways.

Narrows down which room you have to search through.

It could work if you sent a signal down a wall, conduit, or other solid object, space is a vacuum so can't send a signal through the air, the timing of the return pulse would show where the end of the structure was.
We use this kind of thing to find breaks in wires that are too long to manually inspect.
Not sure if it could be done with lasers or something though.
I've just been closing all the gaps I can see, if my light shines through the wall then it's borked, and then pressurizing the hull to see where the air escapes from.
Would be handy to have a device that does all the detection for me!