Socializing, Saving, and Admin

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty quiet on this end, as we mostly stayed in. Which I think worked in my favor, as I actually felt motivated to get back to work today.

Today was a little bit of everything, ranging from code, to design, to taxes and office stuff. As such, not a lot to show visually. Though you can see two of Michael's newest interactions in the log of today's screenshot!

He's been working on a dozen or so new interactions to help flesh-out the main game mode: crew interactions. His latest entries both add variety, and in some cases, new systems for the crew to participate in. One I'm anxious to try out is ship equipment repair/maintenance, as that's likely to be a more objective goal for AI. Plus, the new social goals will be interesting to try out. Hopefully, a solid step towards a more interesting crew sim mode!

The admin work wasn't anything exciting. The usual required annual report and fee, quarterly business license report and fee, and the corresponding accounting needed to calculate that. I already tackled the quarterly IRS wage taxes last week, and I have a couple weeks before the monthly state corporate taxes are due. All this is in addition to annual federal taxes, which I paid a handsome fee to have done professionally. I think I'd mind taxes less if they took less of my time, and felt more efficient.

Anyway, once that was done, I returned to the chargen task, as there's still one remaining piece necessary to connect it to the game properly. Well, two.

The first one is to simply take whatever the player created and spawn them into the ship where the game starts.

However, a second task is implicit in that. Namely, hooking up some of the people and data that chargen created to the rest of the game world. Social contacts especially need to be there, if the player is going to have friends and enemies to play against. And for this to work, the save game data needs to store this info.

So I set about making this data compatible with save files, and I'll have to start adding them to the save functions tomorrow. I'm kinda looking forward to it, since it basically means the player's friends and enemies will get spawned into stations around the System. And in theory, I can go to said station and see them walking around. Sounds kinda like the beginnings of an adventure!


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Im curious again; have you already set up some kind of universe to fly/float around in, with the ship, and Some stations 'n' locations for a few npcs?

These questions are based on the last four lines of your exciting update :)


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I think the answer to this is "yes." But it's still being developed.

I have a System composed of the Sun, planets, moons, and planetoids. Within this System are ships, stations, and colonies.

Ships are the tile-based layouts you've seen in screenshots, where NPCs walk around and interact with items and each other. Ships can move around the System if a human controls them, but so far, NPCs cannot move them around.

Stations and colonies are just ships attached to or locked orbiting around celestial bodies.

Ships can dock to each other or stations/colonies if they both have docking rings and a human goes through docking commands. NPCs can walk into docked ships.

And there's lots of setting/background data created already, but only pieces of it are integrated into the System so far. (Mostly character generation background info, and colony names.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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