Social Tactics V2

Hey Folks! It's been a busy week in the wake of the trailer! A good busy, but still busy. Hard to get actual dev work done.

In what time I could cobble together, however, I was able to make some progress on the social combat system. Now known as "social tactics!" (Combat was growing a bit too narrow a term, as a lot of non-zero-sum stuff is in here, too.)

You may remember me talking about making social moves rarer, skill/trait gated, and potentially consumable. Well, we rewrote all of the existing interactions, plus a handful of new ones, with this in mind. And after days of spreadsheet editing, a ton of find and replace, regular expressions, and some custom code to parse spreadsheet data, I finally got the darned data into the game!

Does it work? Who knows! It's 5pm on Friday, and I've been tapping keys in text editors for 4 straight hours now. (No joke, I only got up twice to pee. And my back is aching from all the typing.)

I'm going to test fire it now. Wish me luck! (Oh, and have a good weekend, all!)

Tags: Ostranauts