Social Tactics Tweaking, and Happy Holidays!

Hey Folks! Still working away at the social tactics feature. Lots of sharp edges to file down, and things to add so it's more engaging.

A fair amount of data editing has been going on, as we find nonsensical or missing replies. Some moves were not coming up at all. And we still need to make sure AI responses seem more plausible.

But in general, it's in a pretty good place. Conversing with an AI, while clearly a really limited AI, feels kind of like they care what's going on. A little erratic or immature. Kind of like toddlers with adult vocabularies.

Some of the more substantial changes include:

  • Consumable moves now highlight orange, to differentiate them from normal moves.
  • Status info on each person is more filtered and readable now.
  • Target's status reveals slowly over time, based on the moves they choose.
  • AI does a sort of "basic training" when spawned now, so they have a rough idea which moves cause what benefits/drawbacks the first time they use them.
  • The date and time part of the UI now has a play/pause button and indicator.
  • AI now runs a periodic cleanup routine to ensure they don't get stuck in a waiting or action loop.
  • Items received or lost in social combat animate across the screen to be more obvious.
  • The ship has it's first actual ambient audio! (A heater.)
  • We can hear footsteps now!
  • The character creation process is a lot more story-heavy now, instead of wall of buttons.

It's really coming along, I think. I still worry each day whether this is on-schedule enough for a spring release. But I have to keep reminding myself there's this really cool engine here to play with. Even if I don't add all the things I plan, it can be a fun toy. And it's almost starting to feel like I can just inhabit the spaceship for a bit and enjoy the ambiance/experience.

Anyway, hopefully 2020 brings even more coolness.

Speaking of, happy holidays, all! I'll be out of the office next week, until January 2nd. I'll still be around, though. We're staying put for the holidays, so I should have periodic access to check on things.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever you celebrate. And a prosperous 2020!

Tags: Ostranauts