Social Loop Prep Continues

Hey Folks! Work on the social loop preparations continues, as does general user experience improvements, and we start preparing for some audio work.

I've nearly got the install/uninstall system switched over to the "destructable style" method. I was able to fix the leftover loose item, and get the install/uninstall to continue working on an item until it reaches a progress threshold.

However, I still have one issue with it loading the correct mode switch loot, so the crew just uninstalls forever. I think this is just a naming issue, as it is clearly looking for the mode switch in the logs. Just not finding the one I've created.

I also may have to consider doing something to the auto-generate script this system uses, to lessen the amount of tedious typing required of modders. It's already getting hard for me to figure out.

Michael is still pumping out more character creation life events, and I think we're nearing a good array of those to keep things interesting for captain creation. The aim will be to get enough that we can make a valid, skilled captain, but still have gaps that make other crew useful. That, plus just enough variety that a new user can retry chargen a few times without seeing repeats.

Chris has been working on some inventory UI improvements. Stuff like being able to directly transfer items from ground to slots, instead of picking up first, then equipping. He's also looking into adding some feedback for when the dropped location is invalid.

Finally, I've been chatting with Bjørn and Chris about the audio plan. Bjørn is going to try and get some items setup for audio in the next few days, so we can test our theories on audio. I'm looking forward to getting our first items sounding like real items! It should make a big difference on the immersion, and give us a sense for whether our audio filtering plan will work or not.

Other than that, a lot of time spent today on admin, accounting, and that sort of stuff. Though that thankfully seems to be tapering off. Ironically, just in time for the weekend, but...something's better than nothing!