Social Combat Sneak Peek

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Apart from the spambotpocalypse Discord seemed to suffer, it was fairly low key for me.

Still more admin work this morning, involving banks, company annual reporting, and email. But once that was done, I was able to finally sync with Michael's work. And lucky you, you get a sneak peek!

What you see in today's screenshot is an early prototype of social combat. And if you're thinking, "where have I seen this before?" you're not alone :) Michael's been sort of salvaging pieces of the NEO Scavenger battle UI as a basis for this, so we have the familiar "us" on the left, and "them" on the right. We also have our actions available on the left.

Some differences, however, are that we now can see the full 2D situation, instead of the abstract 1D "range" of NS. The game is already played on a close-quarters 2D grid, so we might as well use it!

We also avoid the old "transfer items left to right and confirm to take an action" regime. This time, we're thinking you'll click whatever action you want from the available pool, then execute it. We might still need to allow for clicking multiple actions before executing, such as using a specific tool combined with an action. But we have yet to decide, and testing will help dictate that.

Michael's also experimenting with an "objective" system in here, seen above the "Player" portrait. At least in some cases, we'll be negotiating over some social objective, and "winning" the negotiation grants that objective.

And I think the purpose of the "Consequences" panel is to show what will happen as a result of the chosen action. I'm not convinced we need to see this explicitly, especially if there's a chance it could have different outcomes. But players should at least know what they are risking, and this might be the way to do that.

Still a ways to go before this thing is operational, though. Mostly placeholder text right now, and we literally kill one NPC to spawn the test UI :) It's a cool effect, though! The HUD fades out, we zoom in on the action, letterboxes fade-in, then we get the static-y portraits and UI, begging us to start captaining. I was eager to start clicking stuff the first time I saw it!

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