Social Combat Progress, and Contract Stuff

Hey Folks! I'm sort of bogged-down with contracts and agreement stuff today, so I'll take some time to show-off more of Michael's latest stuff: Social Combat!

Today's screenshot shows a few milestones along the path of a conversation between Captain Alyssa and Crew Eric. We start with the view of the ship and participants at the top of the screen, and I slice relevant changes into rows below that.

At the beginning, Alyssa goes first. Initiative currently controls who speaks first, which might alter the tone/direction of the conversation. I opt to use a "Greeting" on Eric, which we can see might set a more agreeable tone.

I don't show the next few results here, but Eric simply greets me in return, and I have initiative again. Then, I use Small Talk to get a temperature reading on Eric. I learn that he seems to be upset about something.

At one point, Eric goes off for a few turns just complaining over and over, and we end up with the next row where I show the result of another Small Talk. Eric is still upset about something, then complains to Alyssa.

Finally, I decide to make my Demand (not currently defined, just generic). The log shows a bark insulting Eric, and that he doesn't like it. But he accepts the demand anyway. And our remaining option is to end social combat.

If you've played NEO Scavenger before, this will look a bit familiar. It's the same overall system by design, and will hopefully allow all the things NEO Scavenger did, plus more social stuff now that we have it.

Simply clicking through this and seeing results is already engaging, and I can't wait to see more!