Soak Test, and Project Planning

Hey Folks! Unfortunately, today was pretty shot through with business admin tasks. Mostly in the form of project planning.

However, I did run another soak test last night, where I let the game run overnight. When I checked in the morning, all 6 crew members were still alive! And the game appeared to be running pretty smoothly, too. No overheating/frozen rooms or NaN pressures. So that's good!

On the down side, it appears the simulation auto-paused after about an hour. And the captain mostly slept during that time. Judging by his logs, he triggered auto-pause by waking-up.

Also, there was a weird framerate lag whenever the tooltip was over a room. This doesn't happen in a fresh game, so I'm thinking there's some tooltip code that might be checking a long list of some kind, or otherwise chewing through more and more data as things get older in-game. I've logged that for future investigation.

Still, it's nice to see crew survivability increased without my intervention!

And hopefully, I'll have more time to do dev work tomorrow.