Soak Test 2, and Moar Planning

Hey Folks! Didn't escape the administrivia yet, unfortunately. Spent most of the day on emails, documentation, and phone calls. Still holding out hope I can sling some more code soon.

I did, however, run another overnight test. This time with the auto-pause disabled. When I arrived at the desk this morning, the game had been running for 9.5 hours. Again, everyone was alive. (Yay!) Some were sleeping. Others awake.

And I realized the message log truncates after a short while, which is why I wasn't seeing long bouts of activity when I checked them before. These folks had definitely been busy, once I checked in the debugger at their stats.

One problem I noticed was log spam about sweating and overheating. I think the crew body temp oscillates just at the sweat point, and then sweating cools them down. Then they stop sweating and heat up again. This might be fine in practice, but the logging is annoying. I've marked that for investigation.

I also found and fixed the cpu lag when the room tooltips were visible! Turns out I still had some debugging code in there logging every temperature change in each room, per frame. Uh, whoops :)

Finally, it appears my crew are accumulating stats that should only ever exist one at a time. E.g. 3x Hungry. And they're getting stuck as hungry once they eat. I'm not sure why yet, so I've logged it for investigation later. But I suspect it might be due to thresholds either not removing a condition, or else getting interrupted before they can.

I won't jinx myself by saying I'll have time to do more coding tomorrow. Let's just say good night, and hope for the best :)