Sneak Peek

Hey Folks! Got a bit of a sneak peek for you today.

I've uploaded the newest "test" build of NEO Scavenger, v1.3.0 to the BBG website. And anyone with access to the full version on this site can click the "test" download links to get it. This is the Haxe engine port I've been working on over the last little while, and features a number of improvements and fixes, and should feel more like a native app than the old Flash one. (Namely, because it is a native app now!)

Anyway, feel free to try it out now if you'd like. I'll be uploading the builds to the remaining stores tomorrow (Steam, GOG, Humble), and making a "big deal" announcement once that's done.

If you run into any issues with it, do let me know!


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Not working...

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Works for me. Couple of issues I've noticed:

1) If you're wearing 3 layers of clothes and try to put on something else, the item gets switched properly, but is being "held" at a respectful distance from the cursor until you put it down. Probably resolution related.

2) The music takes noticeable time to load (over a second for me!) and since it happens randomly, it's annoying and counterintuitive to have the flow interrupted all of a sudden. Flash version didn't have that issue.

3) I can still see data files in unpowered items with not enough charges. If I try turning them on, the data becomes invisible (black) properly.

Update: welp, it finally crashed during crafting, and I was getting slowdowns before when clicking on items, so possibly a memory leak somewhere. And apparently the game didn't autosave. Bummer. Here's the log in case you want it:

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@Kaaven thanks. Based on our twitter chat, I'm not sure where to look first. Sounds like your machine should run the app. Are you seeing any display before it crashes? E.g. the loading screen?

@Rovlad Hm. Was autosave enabled on your app? And are you seeing any data saved at all in the folder listed atop the log.txt? E.g. preferences, test files, anything besides nsSGv1.dat?

The music lag might be due to not keeping all of them resident in ram, unlike Flash. That might be fixable, but it also might inflate memory use.

The memory leak worries me, though. Your log doesn't show anything weird near the end, though it's not an exhaustive logging system.

So far, one gradual crash and another complete failure. Not the nicest success rate for the re-release :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Yes, autosave was enabled (as it is by default). The folder C:\Users\Rovlad\AppData\Roaming\Blue Bottle Games\NEOScavenger is also there, with a bunch of sol and dat files. No savegame though.

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I wonder if autosave might be causing the problem? It'd make sense if there was a file-write crash bug while saving that both exited the app and invalidated the save file.

Might not explain the memleak, but I'm thinking of maybe writing a debug script to automate gameplay which could help test that theory. Thanks!

Edit: On second thought, autosave wouldn't kick-in during crafting. Only when ending turns. Still, automated testing might help trigger the crafting/memleak issue.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games