Smudge Sticks and Data Files

Hey Folks! More mobile fixing today. The focus was on some item bugs that were reported recently, and involved a lot of detective work.

The first issue affects the Giizhik smudge stick, and probably a few other, similar items. (Like dog-be-gone.) Basically, if the item bestowed a condition while contained in any slot, the game would ignore it. This was due to a parsing error in the data handling code that just ignored item data that had no specific slot ID.

The items that do this are fairly rare and non-critical to finishing the game, so I think that's why it didn't get widely noticed. But it did lock away some content in the game, so was an important fix!

The other issue (or issues) involve software and datafiles. First of all, the images got misaligned when their parent hardware was switched on from the off state. The second issue involved their value and contents changing when moved around. (Or something. Read on for details.)

The misaligned image was a simple problem, and basically just a missed call to centerOffsets() after adjusting their sprites when the hardware revealed them. Software and data files should no longer stick outside the grid when this happens.

The second issue is more tricky. It seems stacks of datafiles are changing type, description, and value when moved around. Or they're all the same data file, no matter device or stack count. Like they were all copied from the same (random) template. Or they aren't, as seen in other cases. Or they never get initialized with any data at all, and are a blank template.

Basically, datafiles are breaking in every possible way, randomly, and unreliably. This is the extent of my knowledge on the subject as of 5pm.


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Yep. I have noticed before that once you stack newspapers and paper scraps recipes, the description of all the items in the stack are changed to the item previously added to the stack. For example, if I were to add a separate newspaper that describes "birds dying in numbers" over another newspaper that has a description of "mining strike in space", then the "birds dying in numbers" will overwrite the latter causing both to newspaper articles to say "birds dying in numbers." I can only think that the issue came from the fast hotkeys (on the top right of the screen) or some other fix exclusive to mobile that has to do with stacking.

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Turns out this was pretty mucked-up. The game was doing a few things incorrectly, resulting in really weird outcomes.

One part was that it returned requests for a "random data file" with the same data file over and over.

Another bug overwrote the basic data file template each time a new datafile was loaded, so loading a new datafile changed all existing ones in-game.

Plus some other minor issues all resulted in this mess :) I think I've got it fixed, and I'm checking recipes, headlines, and anything else that might be similar.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games