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So before everyone writes it off as my chosen traits, I always chose the same traits when I play: strong, medic, eagle eye, tracking, botany, and -metabolism. None of these should affect my sleep. Yet I'm always encountering the problem of being unable to make my character sleep after the first time. He always "has trouble falling asleep" Even when my status is blacking out from exhaustion, or I've used a sedative. Can anyone give me a reason for this, or is it a bug?


is your char hungry, thirsty, or in pain? that could be the reason

I used to have this problem. What is your character wearing? If you have a hoodie and a dogman fur cloak along with a full set of shirts, just take off the hoodie. That worked for me.
Also, the problem shouldn't be with the traits you have, since none of them should add or subtract to your characters temperature threshold. Although, I'm not sure what the m_fmorale does, which could be linked to temperature thresholds. If m_fmorale does do so, then your problem may be linked to the strong trait.
Sorry I can't further clarify this. :/ I have a minuscule relationship with the games code compared to other people.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

thank you a lot for telling us some lifehacks of your play! I will take them into accout while next character creating! This post is very helpful!

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