Skill-Gating Actions, More Chargen Story, and AI Coping

Hey Folks! We're off on a new round of crew management changes, further pursuing the goal of a captain and crew we care about, and tools to keep them in check.

To address this goal, we have a few tasks:

  • Make certain actions from the salvage loop require skills/traits. E.g. installing, uninstalling, repairing, operating/using nav stations, etc.
  • Make those salvage actions take a much longer time without skills, if they are possible at all.
  • Add more story events to the character creation screen that grant these skills and traits.
  • Add more ways for AI to overtly not do their job when they're pissed.
  • Add more ways to bring AI crew back from the brink of being pissed.

Michael is going to work on some more story events like the one I showed earlier. With emphasis on events that grant skills we can use. (And potentially, certain social currency items that can be used with specific types of crew. E.g. a memory of being an orphan that can be used to connect with AIs that were orphans

I'm going to skill-gate as much as I can on the ship with what we have now, so things run smoother if we have the requisite skills or crew with those skills.

And Chris is going to brainstorm ways for the crew to visibly get in your face when they are not happy.

It's likely going to be a few days of work before we have any visible progress to share. But with luck, this will be the major step we need towards making social loop relevant to the existing salvage loop, for a wider, more engaging game!

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So this is almost totally unrelated, but I wanted to point out another game you might be interested in: Prison Architect. Somehow it emulates human behavior in a much more plausible way than RimWorld does. I'm not even sure WHY it is, but still worth checking out since you're trying to do the same in your game.

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I love Prison Architect! Though, I admit I spent a lot more time trying to pre-build the perfect prison and then watch it go, rather than playing it in an ongoing way. So I probably missed a lot of the social behavior stuff.

I might have to fire it up again and see. I think I know what you're talking about, because I remember seeing prisoner files and psych evals. And a lot of the floorplan is built around anticipating needs.

Maybe I should try pretending my prison is a ship, and keep the number of prisoners to 5-10? See if I engage with their personalities more?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games